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Whether you are selling your business or are in need of liquidating unused equipment, Tessarect can assist in creating the most cost-effective method for doing so. We also work with start up and existing businesses in marketing, websites and creating a presence online and on social media.

Why Tessarect?

Tessarect can assist in the sale of your entire business or in specific asset recovery, whether it be industrial, commercial, manufacturing, utility, demolition, oil & gas, processing or mass transit! Call us for a FREE evaluation. Our expert team will work with you in order to determine the most profitable means of liquidation.

1. Auction

Tessarect’s subsidiary Duncan’s Auctions can liquidate your equipment!

2. Broker

Let Tessarect broker your equipment to our vast list of prospective buyers.

3. Purchase

Sell your business or equipment to Tessarect!

Our  Success
Asset Recovery

Tessarect has an excellent record when liquidating assets of all kinds, whether it be equipment, real estate or any other type of property!

Marketing & Websites

We have a 100% satisfaction rate on marketing, whether it be traditional marketing or social media marketing!

Industries Served

Whether you have a small business or large business and are selling the entire business or just liquidating portions in order to accumulate funds, Tessarect can help!


Tessarect has a 93% success rate when liquidating electrical and other industrial equipment through auction or brokering!

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